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The Specter of Neoliberalism: Thanatonomics and the Possibility of Trans-Individualism

Mark Featherstone
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Anti-Capitalist Resistance in the Liberalist Context

Daniel Fletcher
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Occupying London: Post-Politics or Politics Proper?

Samuel Burgum
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The Necropolitics of Austerity: Discursive Constructions and Material Consequences in the Greek Context

Panayota Gounari
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Dromocratic Arbitrage and Financial Bailouts

Sascha Engel
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Endangered Humanities at a Time of Crisis in the EU and Beyond: Shrinking, Downsize and The Itinerant Academic

Eleftheria Pappa
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Informal Labor in the Sharing Economy: Everyone Can Be a Record Producer

David Arditi
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Inside Doesn't Matter: Consumerism’s Serial Annihilation of Women and the Self in American Psycho

Reagan Ross
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Biopolitics and the Infected Community: Foucault, Sartre, Esposito, and Butler

Bradley Kaye
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Maybe That's Enough: Towards the Social, and Socially Conscious, Micro-Budget Filmmaker

Brandon Niezgoda
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The Dissipation of American Democracy in 2016: On the Emptiness of Elitism and the Poverty of Populism in the Trump Zone

Timothy W. Luke